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Grateful Moments

I have this wonderful friend, Deb, who taught me about grateful moments in life. Years ago we travelled to Vietnam together and it was my first big overseas trip after years of not travelling very far due to raising three children, being a working mother and trying to obtain the great Australian dream of owning your own home. During these years I was obsessed with reading travel brochures and Lonely Planet books. I spent any spare moment dreaming of where I wanted to go and Deb was much the same so we saved our spare change for 12 months and off we went together leaving the husbands and children at home! On our trip to Vietnam we had lots of fun with a great group of fellow travellers, many grateful moments, and a few not so grateful ones as well……I got the worst flu ever on that trip!

Anyhow, over the years since we have been friends we have experienced many grateful moments in travel and the journey of life and shared them with each other along the way. I think it is a lovely philosophy and like my friend, Deb, I have embraced it in my life. I can describe a grateful moment as one of those times when you are travelling or you are just with special people, and you are suddenly overwhelmed by the beauty of a place, a situation or feeling. I found the philosophy of a grateful moment gave me a way to express these times and moments with others both publicly and privately.

These days I get to have many grateful travel moments with our growing tour business with my husband Nino. Check out our tours for 2018 on our site:


Our company is owner operated by Nino and Catherine Santoro who both have their own successful careers involving travel and people-centered work.  Nino and Catherine love to travel and love their countries of residence, Australia and Italy.  Their travel experience and adventures over the years led to many people saying ‘Take us with you next year please!’ they did! 


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