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Sicily Mini Tours 
1 Day Etna and Winery Tour

Tour runs all summer on demand

Contact Us directly for large group discount

Our travel themes for these tours are varied and designed to meet a variety of travellers' desires, destination and timeframes.  Delight in the freshest produce and outstanding seafood, experience places that will leave you in awe and truly experience Sicilian culture in comfort transport and small group personalized travel.


The land of the “Mezzogiorno” is a land of surprises and we are excited to discover this gem of an island with you all!

 Sicily is an extravagant scenic beauty, a multicultural crossroads with a history that dates back to 3,000 years, richly layered culture and a tradition of food and wine that is celebrated the world over…all converge here in sunny Sicily!



  • Taormina pick up

  • Mount Etna 

  • Sicilian Winery


Begin this action packed mini-tour in Taormina - the most famous resort town and breathtaking place in Sicily. Discover the fabulous stories of Sicilian people whilst enjoying the ‘bella vista’ of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea that provide the cinema-worthy backdrop for Taormina. Twisting mediaeval streets and a second-century Greek theatre add to its romantic air.


Journey on to Mt Etna, which is the highest active volcano in Europe, at 3343 meters high.  We drive up to 2000 meters, if you wish you jump on the Funivia (cable car) to 2500 meters and then walk or drive to 2750 meters depending on Etna’s mood.  You will have several hours to explore this amazing landmark.


On the way back down we visit a famous Sicilian winery for a five course degustation with wines. Sicilian wines
are known for their bold flavours, intense aromas, and high
acidity, which make them a perfect match for the region's hearty
ed wines like Nero d'Avola are full-bodied with notes of dark fruit and spice, while white wines like Grillo are crisp and refreshing with citrus and floral notes.




  • Tour with a Sicilian tour manager who will reveal to you the real Sicilian way of life.

  • English and Italian speaking 

  • No one has to be the designated driver so you can all enjoy the wines!

  • A special big day for families and groups

  • Personalised and small group atmosphere.

  • Cater to needs the needs of the travellers.

  • *3 persons minimum to run tour 

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Italian Meal
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