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2 to 8 July 2024

7 days and 6 nights

We are thrilled to take a journey with you to discover famous places you have seen in shows like the White Lotus, The Godfather, Montalbano and other well known shows that have made and filmed in Sicily’s spectacular scenery and fascinating culture .


We will take you to some special places  that Nino has seen during his work on the production of several series and movies in Sicily.


Experience Sicilian  lifestyle and culture with a small group of 6-8 travellers only! 


On this small group journey, you’ll delve into one of the most fascinating and coveted regions in Italy.

  • Taormina

  • Cefalu

  • Palermo

  • Mount Etna 

  • Siracusa


Day 1

Pick up at arranged place and travel to Palermo and discover this ancient and interesting city.  We will see the famous puppet museum and places where scenes from the White Lotus and Godfather were shot.  Also discover the city’s history by horse and carriage.

Inclusions: Entry to puppet museum, horse and carriage ride.

Day 2

If desired, we can drive to the Temple of Segesta (one hour away). Segesta is the most well-preserved ancient temple in Sicily soon to be seen in a blockbuster being released in 2023. (SHhhhh…..Can’t tell you yet which one it is!)

Travel to beautiful seaside town of Cefalu, visit the movie sites seen in the White Lotus, explore the shops, beautiful town and relax on the beach for the rest of the day.

Inclusions: Entry to Segesta Temple

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Day 3

Travel to Taormina - 3 hours drive.  We stay 3 nights in the same accommodation and Taormina is our base for the next 3 days.

Explore this famous ancient city and the Greek Theatre.  See lots of locations from the White Lotus and visit the actual hotel the series was shot in with Nino.

Travel to Castelmola, a tiny hilltop town above Taormina to wander through the ancient winding streets, take in the breathtaking view and have an aperitivo.

Inclusions: Entry to Greek Theatre

Day 4

Visit Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe.  Take the cable car to 2500 meters and see a gobsmacking view of Sicily and the base of Etna.

After that experience, visit one of the many famous Etna Winery’s for a degustation lunch and wine tasting just like the characters in White Lotus did!

Inclusions: Cable car fee and degustation lunch at winery (wines included!).


Day 5

Start the day by experiencing the best granita in Sicily!  Explore the famous Isola Bella and the surrounding beach areas. 

Relax in the sun with your own beachchair and swim in the azure waters or take a cruise around the coastline with one of the local boatmen.

In the evening, we travel to Forza D’Agro, a nearby town, for one of the best pizzas in Sicily and another spectacular view. This little town was made famous by the Godfather movies.

Inclusions: Beach chairs, boat ride, granita and pizza.

Day 6

Travel to Siracusa.  We visit the ancient archaeological park where the Ear of Dionysus is located and explore the historical Castle of Maniaci in Ortigia.

In the evening explore the beautiful city located on the Sicilian coast. 

Inclusions: Entry to archaeological park and Castle.

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Day 7

Travel to Catania and depending on the time of your departure,we can explore the city markets in the morning.  If not, straight to the airport or train or your transfer to your next destination.

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