Positive Intelligence Coaching and Courses

I am a Positive Intelligence coach who is passionate about supporting people in our sector to manage the personal and professional impact of the work we do.  The practice of PQ has a growing evidence-base and a multitude of uses!


Would you like an opportunity to grow your mental fitness?

Do you spend more time worrying, ruminating, stressing and feeling negative about things than feeling positive and able to work through the challenges that life brings us every day?


What would your daily balance between negative and positive thoughts, mindset and feelings be at a guess?

50/50 or 80/20 or ????


What first attracted me to positive intelligence was the growing evidence base that underpins this PQ model and research that underpins the system drawing from other evidence bases such as emotional intelligence, solution focused principles, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and sports psychology.  Shirzad Chamine, the founder and author of this PQ model, has worked with Stanford University and hundreds of thousands of research participants from 50 countries to develop this evidence base.


Most importantly though, it was my own first-hand experience when Covid19 hit hard in our household and the difference it made in my personal and working life that really hooked me. 


My love of solution focused practice and my new love of positive intelligence collided!


This positive intelligence system will not lead you to ‘eternal bliss and untold riches forever’!  However, it will help you feel happier with yourself, others and situations as well as manage the challenges and obstacles that life brings us every day as human beings in practical ways. 


Focusing on your positive intelligence ratio and building mental fitness, just like we build physical fitness, is the solution to taking control of your mind rather and empowering yourself rather than letting your mind control you.


It starts by having insight into your saboteurs (as we all have them, just slightly different ones) and simply noticing them.  That’s the first step – knowledge is power!


The second step is having the mental muscle (self-command) to be able to pause and thirdly being able to choose positive sage strategies to respond or move forward.


You can find further information here: www.postiveintelligence.com


I believe PQ practice and the model has many applications in our personal and working lives in the human services sector such as:


  • To help prevent burnout and vicarious trauma common to workers in the sector by building mental fitness

  • To help staff navigate the complexity of child protection and human services work and facilitate change with families

  • For leaders of teams and organizations to be the strength based, supportive and influential leader they want to be by discovering positive useful strategies

  • To build internal capacity and functional teams by creating an environment of empathy and understanding rather than frustration

  • To improve our relationships with others both professionally and personally

  • To be kinder to ourselves and learn to appreciate our imperfect perfectness as human beings


Having insight into the saboteurs or the things that limit us is great and we also need strategies to take action.  It’s a parallel process with to helping families keep their children safe  - insight is nothing without action!


The joy of the PQ operating system gives everyone a simple and easily used operating system to use during your daily life:

  1. Simply notice the saboteur

  2. Pause and stop it hijacking you

  3. Choose a positive way forward


Testimonials from a couple of people I have coached through the PQ program:


Why would you recommend this program to others and what would you say to them?

‘The program demands that we look inward for our solutions and that out “happiness” comes from within from the use of our sage emotions.  Only I am responsible for my happiness and I can own this and challenge my own saboteurs.  It's great to think of building sage strength and defeating saboteurs in the way I think of building body fitness.  It's practice and its ok to relapse forgiving myself has been an amazing experience and encourages self-acceptance and makes happiness from within possible.’ . . . Allison


What value did you receive?

‘I have been quite surprised about the impact that this program has had on me both personally and professionally especially during such a challenging time through COVID and in such a short period of time. I have found great value in identifying my saboteurs and getting practical ways to actually mute or quieten these! I have noticed myself being more positive, accepting of things that come along and to looking for 'gifts' in challenging situations and 'failures'. The app has been brilliant to keep me on the journey and to see my progress and to complete activities. The pod was invaluable to me, the ladies in the group are just amazing and I have learnt so much from them. The laughs and sharing in each other’s challenges has helped me so much. The pod and Catherine's support was ultimately what kept me engaged in the program and held me accountable on the journey.’  . . . Liz




Enroll in the PQ 7 weeks program today!


What must you commit to?

  • Watch a one hour PQ learning video once a week for 7 weeks

  • Download the PQ app on your smart phone and commit to daily practice to build mental fitness (15 mins over the day 2-3 mins at a time)

  • Coaching and reflective discussion – either through a learning pod lead by Catherine or individual coaching for one hour per week


What do you get out of this?

  • Learn how to boost your mental fitness through growing self-command and learning about PQ reps

  • Learn how to intercept your saboteurs

  • Learn how to move to sage responses and take action when you get hijacked

  • Learn how to sustain your mental fitness long term

Other PQ coaching and training options:

I offer personalised programs and coaching packages that are tailored to your individual and organisational needs.  Combinations of:


Small group

Large group 

Online and face to face (Covid19 dependent)