People I have the privilege of partnering with:

  • Sonja Parker – SP Consultancy and Partnering for Safety

  • Eleonora De Michele – Consultant in Human Services

  • Cheryl Majka – Consultant Social Worker

  • Liz Andrew-Brake – Supervision Consultant

  • National Council on Crime and Delinquency – Children’s Research Centre team including Phil Decter, Raelene Freitag, Lynnā McPhatter-Harris, Heather Meitner and more of their wonderful team! 

  • Kate Brettel, Amal Barhoush and Dorthe Schipperheijn – three influential and dynamic Positive Intelligence and CTI coaches working internationally in Europe and the Middle East.

Some organizations I have worked recently with just to name a few!

  • NSW Department of Communities and Justice

  • Qld Department of Child Safety

  • Singapore Ministry of Family and Social Services

  • Singapore Child Protection Services Centres

  • REACH Youth Service – Singapore

  • Qld Family and Child Connect and Intensive Family Support Services

  • NSW Funded Service Providers for Restoration

  • Mission Australia – Qld, NSW and Tasmania

  • Uniting NSW – Child and Family sector

  • National Taipei University School of Social Work

  • Lifestyle Solutions

  • Curijo