Learning and development support and curriculum development

I develop curriculum, training and learning programs for child protection organisations internationally.  I work closely with practice leaders in the development to ensure their particular learning needs are met as all organizations are unique in their programs and culture.

Many small organisations rely on outsourcing of their learning and development needs to external training agencies as an alternative growing inhouse learning and development programs. 


This approach is great in some circumstances, but not all, and it’s important to understand not only the learning needs of the staff but the organisation and how their professional development needs can be best met.


Some of the common challenges that learning and development staff in agencies face are:

  • Staff turnover is a fact of life and there is an ongoing need to keep training new staff in the same foundational topics for consistency of practice

  • Relying on internal trainers who also have frontline or casework responsibilities to deliver training and coaching and they don’t have time or confidence to do it

  • Looking for external training agencies to run foundational training and experiencing cancellations and long waiting times

  • External courses are not tailored to the agency or worker’s specific developmental needs and are too generic

  • Learning and development needs falls at the bottom of a long list of priorities in busy human service organisations

  • Building worker capabilities can often go on the back burner until incident or investigations reveal the gap in practice and knowledge


As a practice leader and learning and development professional in the human services sector since 2007, I will help you meet your organisational L&D needs by:

  • Facilitating a learning needs analysis to identify development strengths and needs

  • Robust consultation with staff and on their needs

  • Use of implementation tools to support the learning needs analyses

  • Development of bespoke case reading tools and conduct case readings and analysis

  • Development of a L&D strategy that meets the specific needs of the organisation

  • Work alongside internal L&D professionals to implement learning strategies in a sustainable way

  • Development of learning modules and curriculum that the organization owns internally and can run when needed instead of waiting long periods for staff to access foundational training and knowledge

  • Utilising alternative and innovative learning methodologies other than just training such as action learning groups, coaching, knowledge translation just to name a few.


If your best hopes to are:

  • To build your organisational capacity through supporting your staff professional development needs

  • Be strategic in the implementation of a sustainable L&D program


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