Implementation support

Implementation is a growing body of science and sometimes it feels like a complex science only for researchers and academics!


The good news is that implementation science is actually very practical when we unpack it and use plain language.  Organisations want leaders that know their stuff about implementation as poorly implemented programs is just like throwing money away.  


And it is easier said than done….. or is it? 


Does your organization suffer from these common implementation challenges?


  • Training doesn’t stick or new practice don’t take hold

  • Workers returning to old practice of business as usual rather than adopting new practices

  • Staff are not able to see the benefits or value in the new ways of doing things

  • Programs not getting the hoped for outcomes with program recipients

  • Throwing the baby out with the bathwater or bright new shiny thing syndromes rather than building on what people are already doing well

  • Difficulty measuring progress and improvement of initiatives continuously

  • Inability to reach a tipping point of sustainability after a significant period of implementation


Implementation practice can be made easier by knowing and introducing some practical strategies and using robust assessment to identify the implementation challenges your individual organization is having.


Testimonials from implementation practitioners that have completed the Making Implementation Easier coaching with me:


  • It was super helpful in linking ideas together and seeing how one part is dependent on another part for successful implementation

  • Networking with my colleagues, slow thinking processes, breaking down the implementation plan into specific thought processes and achievable steps

  • Catherine is very knowledgeable and very good at facilitating discussions, she also makes the information relevant to our roles and programs/practices we are implementing

  • Focusing on the why, thinking about how to use data in implementation and using the assessments

  • Having some practical handouts/tools to use, being invited to link to real projects/implementation, time for reflection and good practice discussions



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